All guests, participants and visitors are expected to show proper Pow Wow etiquette and subscribe to the rules and protocol that the pow wow circuit follows.

Heed what the Master of Ceremonies (MC) states during the Pow Wow.

If you see a dropped eagle feather, please inform the MC or Arena Director, please do not touch as a specific song will be sung to retrieve the fallen feather.

Pictures during the Flag, Prayer, Honour Songs and when an individual is honouring a drum through a whistle – should not be taken.

Pictures are allowable during “intertribal” songs (everyone is also invited to dance).

Tradition is to respect the chief, veterans and elders by giving them priority for all matters of etiquette.

Always ask for permission before making any recordings.

Children are welcome to enjoy this event, but cannot play in the Sacred Circle.

Participants are asked to respect the arena director, head male dancer and head female dancer.

Please make sure to put all recyclables and garbage in appropriate containers.

Please respect the work of the Cultural Committee, volunteer’s and security personnel as their time is valuable.

Guests are asked to stand and remove your hat for certain songs. You do not have to remove your hat if you have an eagle feather in it.

Do not crowd around the drummers.

A Friendly Reminder – All Pow Wow Festivals are Alcohol and Drug Free. No alcohol and drug use in the entire area of the powwow, smoking prohibited near the arena!